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Gender Equality

What do we do in 2014?

  • Advocate for the speedy ratification of the Maputo Protocol (Protocol to the African Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights on the Rights of Women in Africa)
  • Advocate for the enactment of an encompassing Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment Bill, which will grant women a 30% quota in politics and better protection of women's rights in the areas of education, labour, property, energy and infracstructure.
  • accompany the development of the new Land Tenure Policy and the Constitutional Review to ensure that women's rights and perspectives are included
  • Publish a desk study on Harmful Traditional Practices in Sierra Leone
  • Advocate for the inclusion of funds for survivors of gender-based violence in the annual budgets of Kambia and Bonthe district
  • Monitor and ensure the access to free medical examination and treatment for survivors of GBV in Kambia and Bonthe district
  • Network with district and national-level stakeholders to ensure best support for survisors of GBV: access to psychosocial and medical services, access to justice
  • Lobby for the creation of conditions that will attract resident magistrates to Kambia and Bonthe district
  • Supporting the Women Security Caucus in Kambia and the Women Security Network in Bonthe to popularize the Sexual Offences Act (2012) and the National Referral Protocol on GBV (2012).
  • Support the Women Security Caucus in Kambia and the Women Security Network in Bonthe in counseling pupils to retain in school
  • Introduce Convener Cycles at schools in Bonthe and Kambia to prevent GBV and to increase girls' retention in schools


zwero tolerance

Celebration of the Zero Tolerance Day for Female Genitale Mutilation



  • Facilitate reduction in infant and maternal mortality rate through promoting appropriate health-seeking behavior, nutritional and health education
  • Facilitate access to and retention of girls to formal and non-formal education in eight districts in Sierra Leone by 2016.
  • Increase access of women to adult literacy in at least two districts in Sierra Leone by 2015.
  • Provide entrepreneurial skills and access to micro-credit to 2000 vulnerable women by 2016 in six districts.
  • Sensitize communities through the use of intergenerational dialogue and community conversation tools on issues surrounding gender-based violence, harmful traditional practices and sexual abuse and exploitation.
  • Facilitate access to justice and psychosocial support for victims of gender-based violence.
  • Advocate for the enactment and implementation of laws and bye-laws that effectively protect and promote women's rights as well as for gender-responsive budgeting and accountability at national and district level